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Adult fitness

Group functional training program with various exercises

ELEVATE Thrive Program: 
Small Group Training

A Popular Membership because of its tremendous value. "Thrive" is a functional strength and conditioning training program that is fun and effective for improving fitness for everyday life and/or for sport. Receive the benefits of working with a personal trainer while saving 66% of the cost for private training as you work in a small group of 2 -8 people. Our trainers are here to help you receive an individualized and appropriate workout to reach your fitness goals.

Adult strength training workout

12 Week Intro To Functional Strength Training Class

This 12 Week Intro to Functional Strength Training Program, lead by certified personal trainers, is designed for the beginner. If you have never stepped foot into a gym or feel "lost" in the gym, then this program is for you. What is Functional Strength Training? It incorporates exercises that use multiple muscle groups and joints to mimic everyday movements, like walking, getting up and down, picking up a bag, reaching overhead, kneeling, or bending over. The goal is to improve functional movements (squat, hinge, push, pull) and overall fitness.

sled push exercise - personal training

Private 1 on 1 Training

Private training sessions geared to your fitness level, motivation, and goals. By working solo with a trainer you will receive constant feedback, guidance, and direction during each session to maximize your time in the gym.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can best help you reach your fitness goals.

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