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el·e·vate: raise to a more important or impressive level

"Elevate Fitness is such an amazing place to workout. Marla has bought such nice, high quality equipment that is fun and easy to use. The MBSC Thrive program is fantastic-I am currently in week 26 of the program. I love that it is focused on your movement and starting from where your body is. You can really see your progress through the weeks; I feel so much stronger and have lost inches! Marla and her staff really care about their clients and want what's best for them. They individualize and know when you can do more through encouragement. It is a fun place to go and I look forward to each workout-even though it may be hard at times! There are plenty of times to schedule an appointment to go in and always fun people to work out with. Bonus is you get a full body work out each time to go to a MBSC Thrive class!"

-Janelle H.


Functional Strength & Conditioning 

Small Group * Personalized * Joint Friendly


"Marla is fantastic! I’ve done several of her bootcamps and I love the variety and energy she brings to everything she does! Whether you want to move better, lose weight, or be a better athlete, she can certainly help. She has an intelligent training style that focuses on injury prevention and functional movement. As a physical therapist, I’ve referred several former clients to Marla to continue working towards their fitness goals. Marla is quick to offer modifications and will work with a client’s health care provider and around any injuries.​"

 -Angie S

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