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Training Programs for Adults

MBSC Thrive Program: Semi-Private Personal Training

A Popular Membership because of its tremendous value and easy to see why Men's Health calls it "The smartest workout". Work with a Certified Trainer within a small group setting of 2-8 people two to three times a week.  MBSC Thrive is a functional training program that is calibrated to you based on a functional movement screen, goals, and needs. This program includes the most advanced and performance-driven fitness training methods in the industry and is developed by world renowned Strength and Conditioning expert Mike Boyle. Whether you are new to exercise or a "gym guru", with MBSC Thrive our goal is always to help you Move, Feel, and Perform Better.  

3x week MBSC Thrive Training with Open Gym Membership, $159, 4 weeks

2x week MBSC Thrive Training, $129, 4 weeks


Private 1 on 1 Training

Private training sessions geared to your fitness level, motivation, and goals. By working solo with a trainer you will receive constant feedback, guidance, and direction during each session to maximize your time in the gym.  Schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can best help you reach your fitness goals.

Massage Therapy Ball Workshops

These unique workshops offer an opportunity for you to learn how to use the Roll Model Therapy Balls to dissolve tension, clear adhesions, and release trigger points that cause aches and limit flexibility and strength.  You will leave empowered and rejuvenated as you will experience a restored mind, mobilized anatomy, and feel amazing!

*No scheduled workshops available at this time


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